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On July 3rd 2022, we participated in the Alameda Summer Art Fair and Maker Market. Our table was located in the “Artists’ Alley”, next to 3 Dot Gallery and Studio 23. We were joined by a multitude of artists and craftspeople offering fine art, jewelry and more in an energetic environment of live music and fun performances. The Happy Ghost Productions booth included Fun & Spooky memorabilia, mugs, cards, original art, nomchom coloring books and hand painted prints.

The weather proved to be a challenge. It was damp and overcast in the morning and then hot and windy in the afternoon. The wind blew the art off of the shelves on several occasions, but people were in good spirits, and helped pick up the art from the ground whenever a strong gust came.

As part of the festivities, we demonstrated our live painting techniques. Tina painted the Ghost Librarian with metallic acrylic paints, while Nickolas made a ghost haunted city in watercolor. Best of all, we were able to meet and talk with many new and familiar faces about the Fun & Spooky world and future ideas to come! It was a successful event for the Happy Ghost crew and something we look forward to possibly next summer!

Special thanks to Wesley Warren and Jessica Warren of Studio 23 for organizing this amazing and fun event!

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