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  • Alameda Summer Art Fair 2022

    Alameda Summer Art Fair 2022

    On July 3rd 2022, we participated in the Alameda Summer Art Fair and Maker Market. Our table was located in the “Artists’ Alley”, next to 3 Dot Gallery and Studio 23. We were joined by a multitude of artists and craftspeople offering fine art, jewelry and more in an energetic environment of live music and fun performances. […]

  • Spooky Studio Tours #03

    Spooky Studio Tours #03

    Spooky Studio Tours #03 Happy Ghost Productions presents our 3rd Episode of Spooky Studio Tours, The Mushroom Special! In this episode, we explore the magic of mushrooms found around our home town parks and gardens. We will also share some art projects inspired by this mysterious and wonderful fungi! Artists: Shirley Banda (Forest deer cutout […]

  • Mushroom Homes

    Mushroom Homes

    Mushroom Homes We are proud to announce the newest release from Happy Ghost Productions, Mushroom Homes! These are apart of a mushroom series being developed here at the studio. The Mushroom mugs are available in red handle and interior or white variations in the Happy Ghost Shop!

  • The Living Art Show

    The Living Art Show

    In the month of May, painter and curator, Tina Banda, will be hosting an art exhibit inspired by nature and the changing of seasons titled The Living Art Show. Opening night will be the First Friday 6-9 pm at Warehouse416 in downtown Oakland. The exhibit will feature eleven artists and five special guest vendors, all […]

  • 3,333 Views Happy Ghost’s Halloween Visit

    3,333 Views Happy Ghost’s Halloween Visit

    3,333 Views Happy Ghost’s Halloween Visit Happy Ghost’s Halloween Visit has just reached and indeed, passed our goal of 3,333 visits. It is something we did not really see coming! We love bringing entertainment to you and hear your calling for more fun animations. Thank you everyone who has watched and liked our little film.

  • Happy Ghost Mansion NFT

    Happy Ghost Mansion NFT

    Happy Ghost Mansion Jack O’ Lanterns (GIF) A nightly spooky scene of the Happy Ghost Mansion lit with Jack O’ Lanterns and eerie fog fully animated GIF to wake the spirits. Quantity: 10/10 NFTs not yet minted

  • Spooky Studio Tours #02

    Spooky Studio Tours #02 A montage of Fall and Winter Seasons at the Happy Ghost Studio. Happy Holidays! Music Credits: Pocket Notes Larry Clinton – Devil with the Devil Alexander Nakarada – Tavern Loop

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Nomchom Coloring Book

    Nomchom Coloring Book

    It’s a new year filled with many surprises and exciting things to come. We are thrilled to announce the Nomchom coloring book is now officially published by Happy Ghost Productions! Physical copies of the book are available to order world wide from the Amazon online store. There is a digital version of the book for those of you […]

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