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Crypto Spirits: Update, Logo and More

Happy Ghost Productions’ first addition to the Crypto blockchain, NFT Crypto Spirits collectable pixel art, was first released in early 2021 of February created by Nickolas Heslep. Currently, there is a raster of 36 unique spirits and souls and the series will soon be expanding with all new character art and cool surprises.

Despite having difficulties in the past on third party NFT platforms for Zilliqa nfts, zilswap.io has released their own platform which is straight forward and easier to access. And now, Crypto Spirits have found a new base to auction on Arky! Additionally, the Crypto Spirits logo has just had a revamp! Stay up to date here first on the website for everything new to come for these fun and awesome spirits and souls.

Crypto Spirits title and characters
New Crypto Spirits Logo
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